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Typical Home Purchase Costs

  • Points or Loan Origination Fee

  • Interest on the loan. Interest covering the period from date of closing until end of the month.

  • Title Insurance. Often the banks require this insurance.

  • Attorney Fees

  • Survey Fees. If not recently surveyed the Lender or Title Insurance Company may require a registered survey or map showing the location of the house and the boundaries of the property, as well as easements and rights of way.

  • Recording Fees. The buyer usually pays the fee for legally recording the new deed and mortgage.

  • Homeowners Insurance. Proof of current policy is necessary at the closing.

  • Adjustment Costs. Paid to the seller at closing (where applicable). May include buyer's share of pre-paid property taxes, heating oil remaining in the tank, and sewer service charge.

  • Pest Inspections

  • Building Inspections

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