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Advantages of Home Ownership

Tax Savings - The biggest cash bonus to the homeowner.  A substantial part of your monthly mortgage payment - interest and property taxes - is tax deductible.

Home Values have sustained growth through the years. There's no better financial investment then home ownership! Its the best hedge against inflation because real estate is the world's only commodity in absolutely limited supply. Population growth steadily increases demand, thus the increasing value of real estate is "guaranteed".

Home ownership is a primary goal in the American success story. In no other country in the world do so many of the citizens own private property. Home ownership provides both financial and personal satisfaction. By making this investment now, an investment in your future, you and your family can expect a significant return throughout the years.

Freedom.  You choose the style of the structure, landscaping, colors, furniture, and decor. Since you are the "Landlord" the freedom to arrange or rearrange things to suit your needs is limited only by your creativity and imagination.

Privacy. Your home is the place where you can enjoy the many facets of your lifestyle. It can be a center of activity or a quiet refuge. It's much more than a place to eat and sleep; your home is an integral part of your lifestyle.

Security. Security and knowledge go hand in hand with home ownership. Your feeling of security will be enhanced by the knowledge that your home, a major investment of a lifetime, is a safeguard against inflation. As time passes, a smaller share of your earnings will go towards this housing expense. Owning a home is the beginning of financial independence.

Community. You establish roots because your home makes you a part of the community. Your neighbors are homeowners, too, often with backgrounds much like your own.

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